aSBo’s motto is “To develop medical care for tomorrow”. aSBo enables you to manage your healthcare and receive clinical trial information. Many disease that were considered untreatable in the past are now treatable due to the cooperation of many volunteers like yourself participating in clinical trials. At aSBo we communicate the importance of clinical trials, and support safe and secure clinical trials.


Clinical trials are usually conducted in four phases (see below). Each successive phase has a different purpose and involves an increasing number of trial subjects. Each phase has the ultimate goal of bringing drugs to market that are both safe and effective.

Phase 1 trials

These trials are usually conducted on small groups of healthy volunteers (20 - 80). The purpose is to evaluate the safety and to identify any possible side-effects of the trial medication.

Phase II trials

In Phase II trials, the trial medication is administered to slightly larger groups of trial volunteers (100 - 300). The main purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of the trial medication and to further investigate safety.

Phase III trials

Once the trial medication has been found to be safe and effective Phase III trials are initiated to confirm the effectiveness and to see if it is more effective than standard treatments and has less side-effects. If the drug is considered to be more effective and has less side-effects it can be submitted for regulatory approval.

Phase IV Trials

Once a trial medication has been approved by a regulatory authority and has been made available for use, researchers monitor the safety, seeking further information regarding the mediation’s long-term risks, benefits and optimal use.


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